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First name Last name Phone Title Department Email Location
Aaron Horton 4364 Associate Professor History/Political Science 201 GW Trenholm Hall
Acquanetta McCants-Pinkard 6031 Dir, Trio Program Student Support Services 109 McGehee Hall
Adarsh Kakar 6804 Asst Prof/Act/Fin/Mkt & Cis Computer Info. Sys COBA
Adonis Gonzalez-Matos 4356 Assistant Professor Dept Of Music 209 Tullibody Hall
Alain Bopda Waffo 8396 Associate Professor Biological Sciences 223 Life Science Buliding
Alan Ashley 4717 Police Officer Dept/Public Safety Carter Hill Rd
Alana Norman 5303 Instructor of Criminal Justice Sociology/Criminal Justice 122 Paterson Hall
Albert Calhoun 8605 Senior Statistician Institutional Effectiveness 1 GW Trenholm Hall
Alecia Hoffman 4001 Professor History/Political Science 211 GW Trenholm Hall
Alethea Hampton 4250 Dean College of Education 206/208 Abernathy Hall
Alexandra Johnson 4416 Custodian Custodial Services Physical Plant
Alice Zeigler 4231 Administrative Assistant Academic Affairs 118 Council Hall
Alicia Payne 4183 District Recruiter Admissions and Recruitment C2-13 Hardy Center
Allen Stewart 6882 Professor Instructional Support 308 Abernathy Hall
Allison Pattison 4335 Assistant Professor Languages/Literature 310 McGehee Hall
Alma Lyle 4175 Assistant Professor Dept Of Music 217 Tullibody Hall
Almarie Mayfield 4473 Administrative Secretary Visual Arts 213 Fine Arts
Alondrea Pritchett 4737 Asso VP Bus & Fin/Comptroller Comptroller's Office 128 Council Hall
Alphonso Dixon 6735 Customer Care Physical Plant
Amber Grace 8554 Lab Manager College of Science Math &Technology 202 Life Science
Amy Miller 7699 Dir of Teacher(Ed)Certification College Of Education 207 Abernathy Hall
Andre Creamer 7629 Linebackers Coach Football 227 Football Complex
Andrea Lewis 4666 Senior Budget Analyst Budget Office 316 Council Hall
Andrea Rogers Mosley 4137 Dir, Small Bus Development Ctr Small Business Development Center 101 COBA
Andrew Chatmon 7626 Bowling Coach Women's Bowling 224W Acadome
Angela Davis 5612 Professor Occup. Therapy-T6 211 Buskey Building
Angela Perry 8392 Senior Accountant II Accounting Services 128 Council Hall
Angela Stovall 7504 Residence Night Coordinator Facitlity 1/Dorm A Facility 1/Dorm A
Angelika White 6985 Accounts Payable Specialist Accounts Payable 226 Council Hall
Angelle Gawrys 4737 Administrative Secretary Comptroller's Office 128 Council Hall